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Honored Artist of Russia and Prima Ballerina of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi Theater Anastasia Volochkova - a native of St. Petersburg. She was born on January 20, 1976. After graduating from a career in ballet art, Anastasia increasingly surprises fans with scandals, candid photos and defiant behavior. All this helped her achieve the status of the most famous Russian ballerina.

Volochkova with flowers


Nastya's parents divorced in her childhood. My father is a professional table tennis player, in 1983 he knocked out the Russian championship from his opponent. Mother - an engineer by profession and a guide at the behest of fate.

From early childhood, Anastasia instilled a craving for art. Mother took her to exhibitions and performances. A turning point in the biography of Anastasia is the Nutcracker ballet. After watching it, Anastasia Volochkova understood her life vocation and began to tell everyone what would be the best ballerina.

At first, the parents did not take her statements seriously, they thought that the girl was chatting under the impression and soon it would pass, although they were not against such a development of events. But the desire is not lost. In 1986, Anastasia Volochkova tried to enter the Vaganova Ballet Academy. By decision of the commission, the girl was taken for a trial period of six months, arguing that they did not see talent, but they saw a mad desire.

Volochkova with a bracelet

Problems in the academy

At the Academy, one of the teachers immediately disliked her, he scolded Nastya in every way, and her classmates, on the contrary, showed sympathy for her and felt sorry for her. With increasing pressure from teachers, perseverance, skills and a desire to prove to everyone that she rightfully takes her place grew. All this led to the fact that, coming home, the girl continues to train while others rest. Thanks to the shown persistence on Nastya, one of the famous teachers, Natalia Dudinskaya, draws attention. Natalia takes the girl into custody and reveals the potential that others have not seen.

The final point of this stage was graduation from the academy with an excellent mark for the exams.

Volochkova ring

Career ballerina

Coincidentally, after graduation, Nastya was taken to the very place where her dream of becoming a ballet dancer was born - the Mariinsky Theater. Anastasia Volochkova tried herself in all classical productions, including her favorite part, The Nutcracker. So passed the first 4 years of a ballet dancer’s career. During her work Nastya knew the life of the troupe behind the scenes. It was difficult, constantly intrigue. So much so that Nastya lost her job due to the aggravated situation within the team.

Nastya did not give up and, at the invitation of Grigorovich, made her debut at the Bolshoi Theater with the production of Swan Lake. In addition, she began touring Europe, where her talent was recognized. Volochkov was even awarded the Golden Lion.

In the zero breaks performances at the Bolshoi Theater. However, in 2001, it resumes its activities there and takes part in Swan Lake. In the same year, Anastasia was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. In general, this period for Nastya was the most memorable. Her person was paid a lot of attention. If it was advertised that Anastasia was taking part in any production, the tickets instantly sold out.

Twine Volochkova

Departure from the Bolshoi Theater

In 2003, Anastasia tries to return to the Bolshoi Theater, but she is refused, arguing that the ballerina does not fit in physical parameters. Indeed, Anastasia Volochkova’s height at that time was 171 centimeters and her weight was 55 kilograms. But why earlier it did not prevent her from performing in this famous institution? It was rumored that all the problems came from the former man Volochkova. They said that an influential businessman was trying to take revenge on the ballerina for refusing to live together.

New problems of Anastasia Volochkova were perplexed. She wanted to resolve the issue of refusal to work. Anastasia, as a decent citizen, filed a lawsuit against the theater, this did not turn out to be a success. To collect evidence, the ballerina was publicly placed on the scales and height meter. There were discussions in the media and society. Because of this incident, Volochkova’s colleagues openly laughed at her and advised her to sail. It was difficult for a ballerina to come to terms with the flow of mud that poured on her, she was worried about this, was indignant and offended. Therefore, even when the court recognized her rightness, Nastya left the company forever and began to engage in solo work.

Volochkova Anastasia

Solo projects

Nastya quickly recovered and continued to work in the Krasnodar Theater. In addition to performances, Anastasia tried herself as an actress. Her play in such films as The Black Prince and A Place Under the Sun was well received by critics and audiences.

Then Volochkova performed in London, New York and Paris. In 2009, she demonstrated her skills as a ballerina in the Kremlin. After that, Anastasia began to increasingly go into show business and social life. Ballerina became a bright decoration of any TV show, when she came there as a guest. She was invited to a photo shoot for fashion magazines. With the popularity that comes, an invitation to “New Year's Eve” from Alla Borisovna Pugacheva comes.

Volochkova with bag

Scandalous lifestyle

Such a life satisfies Nastya’s requests, and she tries to constantly be on the wave of popularity — she downloads intimate photos to the Internet and publicly quarrels with Ksenia Sobchak.

Next, the prima ballerina releases her autobiography and receives an MBA degree. In 2011, Anastasia got the idea that she had already taken place both as a ballerina and as a secular lady, more people recognize her persona - it's time to open your own school of ballet art.In addition to the development of its creative center, Volochkova is engaged in charity.

After opening the school, marking her seventh anniversary, the actress downloads images from a nude photo shoot online. This photo-revelation of Anastasia Volochkova caused a strong reaction. The next flash of popularity and a huge number of unflattering comments in the direction of the ballerina.

The next reason for the hype wascompromising shot withBaskov. The photo was captured their kiss. Anastasia soon refuted information about the romantic relationship, saying that there was no romance between them.

In early 2016, another scandal was brewing. The ballerina refused to give a performance due to the fact that her partner was replaced and did not even report it. After that, information appeared about the possible removal of Nastya from participating in performances for three years.

Photo by Anastasia Volochkova and her daughter can be seen below.

daughter Volochkova

Personal life

Despite the fact that Anastasia easily uploads her photos of a rather intimate nature to the Internet, she is not accustomed to bring her personal life to the public. Nevertheless, on the Internet you can find a bunch of rumors about her frequent connections with rich, famous and influential men.Some of these versions of Anastasia Volochkova refute, while others leave without comment.

It is known that Anastasia has been married to Igor Vdovin since 2007. 2 years before the marriage, they even had a daughter who is very similar to her mother, especially with her eyes. However, for unknown reasons, the couple divorced after a year of marriage. Later, of course, according to the revelations of Anastasia Volochkova, it became clear that the grand wedding was held only to attract public attention. A couple did not plan to create a strong family.

In 2013, while touring in Russia, Anastasia met a man named Bakhtiyar. Their acquaintance took place on February 14 in Vladivostok. Relationship lasted about a year.

It is worth noting that all former men of Anastasia were rich. People formed a definite opinion about her person in this regard. However, it was destroyed in 2018, when the ballerina told reporters that she was now meeting with programmer Mikhail Loginov. She described the man as poor, but incredibly in love with her.

Children's party

The last major scandal associated with Anastasia was her performance at the children's matinee in May of this year. The reason was too short dress ballerina.The media claims that at the very speech the parents covered their children’s eyes. As well as on the headlines of the yellow press, one might think that Anastasia could see panties and her performance was more like a striptease. User comments appeared on the Web suggesting that Anastasia Volochkova had a problem with her head.

The ballerina herself did not see anything terrible in her dress and thanked everyone who came for the warm welcome.

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