Alexey Sheinin: biography and filmography of the actor

Alexey Sheinin - actor theater Yermolova. He graduated from LGITMiK, the course of Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. He considers it a great success in his acting destiny. Pupils of Zinoviy Yakovlevich are able to work with any director regardless of his requirements. It can be vaudeville, show, drama.Alexey Scheinin

The actor considers dismissive attitude to vaudeville amateur point of view. In fact, only the ministers of the Melpomene who have reached the creative peak can contaminate and instantly make the public, let it relax, relieve tension. But a third-rate artist can be a tear. It's so easy to cry, and it has nothing to do with art.

Korogodsky School

What did the Korogod school give to the actor? This is, first of all, innovation, the master taught not to use long-established techniques, but to search, delve into the “proposed circumstances”. According to Alexei Sheinin, the actor learns all his life and is improving, but the school is a great thing, it is a base.You can learn by looking at other actors, directors, films, where there is a plot and excellent acting Alexei Scheinin personal life

Alexei Sheinin admits that he learned a lot, or rather, “stole” from Valentin Gaft. Watching his play at The Marriage of Figaro, the staged Satire Theater’s beloved by the audience, Sheinin every time threw a little skill into his personal piggy bank. The difference in Korogodsky's teaching was in the momentary method, which is unusual for an actor, or, in other words, in organics. If an actor has studied the material, his partners are also in the subject and know how to improvise, then in a day you can become a leading actor in a production.

It happens the other way around: one of the actors has a bad mood, a sore throat and “the voice does not sound”, which means that it is necessary to enter the play with the intonation that the partner has given today. And bring the momentary (rather unfortunate) note to the state of yesterday's normal one.

Biography of the actor

Aleksey Igorevich Sheinin, actor of theater and cinema, was born on December 18, 1947 in Leningrad. As befits a boy from a decent family, he prepared himself for science, won the city school physics olympiads, played basketball in SKA.

Alexey Scheinin photoI also dreamed of becoming a lawyer like my mother.I was pleased to attend many lawsuits, watching how she wins them - in a word, everything went well until he entered Vyborg Palace of Culture in high school. There the boy began to play in the national TYuza and ... got sick with this affair.

Leningrad TYUZ

When they came to recruit Pavel Massalsky and Kira Golovko to the Moscow Art Theater School and noticed young Alexei, fate did not allow him to leave for the capital. Alexey, a talented young man, has not yet received a diploma and shed tears from impotence.

Having seen the play “Dedicated to You” once in the Leningrad TUZ, with Georgy Taratorkin in the title role, he so admired the production itself and the actor that he immediately wanted to become a member of this temple of the arts. Zyam (as everyone called Korogodsky) took him to his studio, and Alexey graduated from school in absentia.

The parents were unhappy: how was it possible to change the “real” profession to a “vocational school”? Seeing her son in the role of Don Juan, my mother began to drive her friends there. It was a triumph.

Work in the Comedy Theater

Alexei Sheinin was delighted with Nikolay Petrovich Akimov, he played a young rake in Don Juan, but with age he realized that he had made a mistake, not staying at the Leningrad Youth Theater for Korogodsky.Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich himself tried to keep the student, saying that he wanted to give him the role of Lensky in Eugene Onegin, where Taratorkin was supposed to play Onegin, in the play “The Invisible Man” Nikolai Ivanov could become his partner.

But Akimov’s fantastic charm was great, and Sheinin did not want to leave him. The maestro himself left. Two years later, after Aleksey Scheinin, a young and ambitious actor, came to the Comedy Theater, his main director died, and the actor could not get along with the new artistic director. He escaped from the theater, taking his partner with him. They went to Moscow.

Moscow theaters

Spending a lot of money on a taxi (it was necessary to “catch” directors), Alexei Sheinin showed up to the main directors before the performance. The method was successful, the actor was taken to several Moscow theaters. Andrei Goncharov took to the Mayakovsky Theater, Ivan Bobylev - to the Stanislavsky Theater, Boris Ravensky - to Pushkinsky, Boris Golubovsky - to the Gogol Theater, but the choice of actor fell on the Eromolova Theater.Alexey Scheinin personal life

Sheinin Alexey (actor) never regretted it. In the theater, where the main artistic director was Vladimir Andreev, he was immediately offered the role of the golden boy in the play of the same name based on the play by K. Odets. The play is now among the ten best American hits.He was lucky, then he was the only "young hero" in the theater. Alexei Zharkov came after him, but in other roles, and Igor Kostolevsky and Alexander Fatyushin were not yet in the theater.

Theater Ermolova

Now (as, however, and then), everyone in the theater loves the actor, from dressmakers, make-up artists, ticket collectors, young actors. The latter, apparently, also because he does not try to “teach” them, does not give advice if they do not ask.

In the Yermolova Theater, Alexei was lucky, he was the “son” of all the oldest theater actors: Vsevolod Yakut, Leonid Gallis, Ivan Solovyov. He studied with such gifted actors as Valery Lekarev, Olga Nikolaeva, Edda Urusova, Boris Bystrov, Inna Kondratieva.alexey sheinin movies

Then the artists went about their business, served for 100-150 rubles, and no one complained. And now, when the actors “entered the market”, it has become much more difficult, especially since the Soviet man was not morally ready for this. If the government transfers the theater to the entreprise enterprises, leaving three or four theaters in the care of the state, Aleksey Igorevich believes, it will be terrible, the number of heart attacks will increase. According to the actor, theater is a tough thing.In France, by the way, if an actor played a whole season, then he could look for work for a whole year, rehearse, while receiving 80 percent of his salary.

Alexey Sheinin. Personal life

With his first wife, Nellie Millet, the actor met on the same TV show. She was already an actress of the Mossovet Theater and, most importantly, she was amazingly beautiful. They "played", as the actress put it, and as a result, Nellie became pregnant. Like a real man, Alexey made an offer, and soon they had a daughter.

Over time, the relationship did not go well - “life got stuck”, they had to spin and spin a lot, give their daughter to five days, which she could not forgive them for a long time. In the end, they parted, but parted peacefully. Recently, their daughter Evgenia rallied them, having made her parents twice grandmother and grandfather.

She named her daughter after her grandmother - her mother, who died early, at 63 years old. The granddaughter followed in the footsteps of her grandmother, graduating from the law academy. The father of the actor and younger brother Leonid still live in St. Petersburg. Surprisingly, Alexei Sheinin calls her former spouse none other than Nelechka, and she calls him Leshechka. Moreover, she is friends with the current wife of Alexey, the Frenchwoman Annie.


Annie worked at the embassy in Moscow, she met Sheinim while visiting Natalia Sergeyevna Arkhangelskaya - actress of the Yermolova Theater. Alexey came there, and at once “everything began to turn”. Now in France, his son Andrew is growing up, and the actor is forced to break up between France and Russia.

Annie, or, as her husband calls her, Anya, is jealous of his work, for two years he had to work without a break in Paris. But he returned home, as he realized that nostalgia exists, the actor Alexei Sheinin. His personal life there developed quite successfully, the parents of Ani treated him well, they were great scientists, physicists. Spouses even managed to save money and buy an apartment near Paris ...Sheinin Alexey Igorevich

Adapting in a foreign country was not easy, at forty-five years old it is almost impossible, the saying “where he was born was useful there” became relevant for him.

Alexey Sheinin. Films with his participation

Living in France, the actor starred in the film "The Light at the End of the Tunnel". I met with such eminent actors as Jean Marais and Ani Girardot, saw them in productions. And Jean Mare personally talked about Cocteau and was fascinated by him, saying that Mare never and did not speak badly about anyone.

Now the actor teaches at GITIS, leads acting skills.Teaches students to constantly work, master their skills, otherwise no talent will help. Alexei Sheinin, whose photo can be seen in this article, understands that modern children have a completely different rhythm of life, they do not have those prohibitions that his generation had. With this he considers, every talent must be developed carefully.

Filmography actor

List of films where Aleksey Igorevich was filmed:

  • "These naughty sons."
  • "Melodies of one operetta".
  • "Hunter".
  • "Lie on long legs."
  • "Criminal Quartet".
  • "Queen Margo".
  • "At the corner of the Patriarch's 2".
  • "The Return of the Titanic."
  • "Black Goddess."
  • "Nine unknowns."
  • "My Autumn Blues".
  • “Paradise apples. Life goes on".Scheinin Alexey actor

When asked by a journalist about what the actor would like to wish for himself, Alexey Igorevich answered that he wanted his children and grandchildren to live no worse than him.

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