Alexandra Kolkunova - an actress or a psychic?

Despite several rather interesting roles of this actress, she is still recognized thanks to one of the films, which entered the annals of Soviet cinema forever - “Nightly Fun”. It was there that Alexander Kolkunova went to the set with the masters of Soviet cinema - Yevgeny Evstigneev, Valentin Gaft, Albert Filozov and Irina Alferova. How does she live now, what does she do and remember her star roles? First things first.

Beginning of life's journey

Little Sasha was born in November 1969 in an acting family. Her mother, Elena Kairanskaya-Aleksandrova, and her father, Mikhail Kolkunov, were not cinema celebrities, they were entering the scenes of Moscow theaters.

Alexandra Kolkunova love to play and a reverent attitude to the actor's profession received from them. Therefore, the question of choosing a further path after graduation did not arise for her. She continued her family dynasty with particular trepidation.And it was from her side a completely right decision, because Alexandra’s talents and ability to play the act were what are called.

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She first appeared on screen at sixteen. It was the usual family drama under the straightforward title "Dancing on the Roof." It was about the boy Vita, who spent his holidays absolutely aimlessly. After meeting Boris, he enters a vocational school in order to acquire a good profession. Kolkunova Alexandra, an actress at that time beginning, received a small role. And yet, this experience on the set was not in vain for her. After the audience warmly accepted this film, the girl realized that she would definitely be an actress.

From episodes to main roles

Two other paintings with her participation - “Remember me like this” and “Male portraits” - were also approved by both viewers and critics. Ia Savina, Oleg Borisov, Elena Proklova, Vera Mayorova - these are the great actors with whom Kolkunova was lucky to work in one frame. True, she had only occasional roles in these tapes, but thanks to these people she understands that she chose her profession perfectly.

Kolkunova Alexander Actress

Her conviction did not remain without a trace: in the next film - the historical drama “Beibars” - Kolkunova Alexander, the actress, was already invited to the main role - the slave Shadiyar. While watching this picture, viewers get into the eighteenth century, when the rules of the Egyptian Sultan Beibars.

The film that made her famous

One of the most beloved and in a certain sense tragic films of the national cinema can be called the “Night Fun” tape. It showed an involuntary clash of five completely different human destinies.

So, the exemplary family is the spouses of Silina (Anna and Alexey) and their rather adult daughter Olga (young actress Alexandra Kolkunova).

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For several years, the couple live in a lie. Anna deceives her husband with her lover. Alexey does not suspect about it (or pretends that he does not even know about everything). In any case, they are already accustomed to the situation. And the only person in the house who rebel is their daughter. And everything happened quite by accident: the girl, having quarreled with her young man, returns from the holiday much earlier than her mother expected. Realizing that Anna is not alone, Olga, wanting to bring her to the clear water, sends a telegram to her father, writing in her that her mother has a heart attack.Alexey, naturally, having thrown everything, rushes home.

Simple soviet musician

Olga is waiting for her father to arrive when the phone rings. At the other end of the wire is an unfamiliar male voice. This is a lonely and no longer a young musician, who in recent years has had a very strange entertainment: he called the number that was listed on one of the banknotes. So he got to Olga, who invited him to visit, not knowing why. But Sasha takes the invitation seriously and comes. The girl decides to introduce him to her fiance, in order to shock his mother.

All the events of the film took place in the same room. It seems to be a little place, but even here the plot was played out rather gloomy. First, Olga introduces Alexandra to her mother, who finally left the bedroom, and then to her father, who arrived from a business trip, interrupting her. Only then did the girl realize that in her cruel joke she had gone too far. Alexandra Kolkunova, starring in this film, tried to embody her heroine as accurately and emotionally restrained.

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Perhaps the brightest episode of the picture is the mother’s lover (head of Silin), who comes out without socks from the bedroom, who in a strange house behaves not only too freely, but even impudently.All that little smoothes that very old musician.

On the one hand, it may seem that the film shows a banal family quarrel. But not everything is so simple. No one quarreled. Husband believed another lie. Likely. Tomorrow and the rest of the days he will go to work without thinking that his fast-moving career depends a lot on his wife. And his wife will continue to meet with her lover. So the lie in this story is at the forefront.


Biography of Alexandra KolkunovaStrikingly changed in the mid-nineties: she marries an American and moves to the United States. A young family starts a business that is developing quite successfully. They now came to the capital very rarely - to visit their parents and to give presentations.

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But after a time they divorced, and Alexandra got married two more times. She is now the mother of three daughters.

Films by Alexandra Kolkunova show the talent of this actress, who even in episodic roles could not go unnoticed. With the acting profession Kolkunova said goodbye for a long time. But she did not want to remain a simple housewife, so she tried to find her new vocation. She stopped at magic, becoming a professional psychic magician.Today she is the owner of several salons in this direction in Canada and America.

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