Biography of Alexander Dyachenko

Alexander Stanislavovich Dyachenko - one of the main "macho" of the national cinema, musician and producer.
Actor Alexander DyachenkoActor Alexander Dyachenko
The audience knows him from the films “Brother-2”, “Female intuition”, “Marriage by will”, “Hunting for Gauleiter”, “Bayazet”, “Hunters for Icons”, “Leshy”, “Yours is a Stranger”. Unlike many Soviet movie stars, he was able to make a career in Hollywood, was filmed in Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, and India. In total, he was engaged in more than fifty films, in most cases playing central roles.
The actor, who has excellent appearance and intelligent, penetrating eyes, in addition to the main activity, devotes a lot of time to musical creativity, in particular, to the project "Antigo". According to the “Russian Banderas”, as it is often called in the media, his heart is divided in two - one half belongs to the hypocrisy, the other to music.

Childhood and youth

Alexander was born on June 12, 1965 in an ordinary Leningrad family who lived on Bestuzhevskaya Street. From early childhood, he was a big boy - at seven he looked nine. And his mother is small, only 156 centimeters, he went to a tall father, a Ukrainian by nationality, originally from Poltava.
Hometown of Alexander Dyachenko - LeningradHometown of Alexander Dyachenko - Leningrad
Like many of his peers, he was fond of skating, weightlifting, martial arts, gave serious hopes in hockey, and spent his summer in pioneer camps. But with a sports career he somehow did not work out. In addition, he studied music - he sang his own compositions with a guitar.
After graduation, he followed in the footsteps of his father, who has a technical education, and entered the electrotechnical institute. The choice of the university was influenced by the fact that his friends were going there. As the artist later noted, it is sometimes not so important for him where to go, but it is important - with whom, what people will be around.
His alma mater, whose abbreviation - LETI - was decoded jokingly as “Leningrad Dance and Dance Institute”, was famous not only for its high level of education, but also for its creative traditions, and even for the fact that it was KVN that originated in its walls. Frequent guests at the school were students of the theater institute.Alexander participated in jointly held skits, discos, and later noted that, apparently, it was then that the “acting bacillus” infected him.

Creative way

After receiving an engineering degree, for some time he worked in a number of foreign firms. And in 1990 there was a chance meeting, which turned out to be fateful for Alexander. He met the director Vladimir Popov, who was looking for a contender for the main role in his film “Defender” and, upon seeing the textured appearance of Dyachenko, invited him to the tests. According to the plot of the film, filmed on “Belarusfilm” in 1991, his character returned home from Afghanistan, and everything changed around, turned into a desert, as if in no way resembling a homeland.
Alexander Dyachenko in his youth and nowAlexander Dyachenko in his youth and now
While working on the role, Alexander clearly realized that the movie is exactly what he likes and should do. However, at this moment in the country there was a difficult period; films practically ceased to be made, and he, like many, had to plunge into trade instead of creativity. “I sold everything from cans of mayonnaise to non-ferrous metal,” the actor recalled.The entrepreneurial experience was successful, money appeared in the bins, but the situation of general disruption and lawlessness, when the access doors were pecked with bullet holes, strained.
Young Alexander Dyachenko and Sergey BodrovYoung Alexander Dyachenko and Sergey Bodrov
In 1992, he went on holiday in the United States. There, 25-year-old Alexander felt, unlike Peter, surprisingly comfortable and calm, and decided to move across the ocean for permanent residence. So he ended up in Chicago, where, in search of possible livelihoods and looking for a way to an acting dream, he began to appear in commercials and tiny cameo roles, was trained in the acting school of Act One of Chicago.
In 1994, he became acquainted with the leadership of the Bulls city basketball team and the White Socks baseball players, who invited him to take up sports management. He gladly became an agent of Russian hockey players playing in NHL clubs, since from childhood he loved this game, helped them in solving various problematic issues.
He began to be invited to cooperate with other companies that invest in players, but in 1998 he left the sports field - the desire to do acting eventually won.He served in the Chicago Theater, completed a post-training session in Los Angeles, starred in Hollywood (mostly as Russian bad guys, Croats and Macedonians), became a member of the SAG actors union.
Alexander Dyachenko in the movies: fragments
The first great work of the artist in the movie was the role of twin brothers - the NHL hockey player and a security guard in the bank - in the film of the famous Russian director Alexei Balabanov “Brother-2” with Sergey Bodrov. When organizing the filming of a hockey match in the USA, the actor among American HCs helped the creators of the film very much. In particular, he proposed to organize the shooting at the stadium of the Pittsburgh Penguins HC, where five hockey players who had previously played for the USSR played in those years.
"Brother 2": the first prominent role of Alexander Dyachenko"Brother 2": the first prominent role of Alexander Dyachenko
Subsequently, the cinematographic career of an artist in the Russian Federation developed successfully and rapidly. In 2001, he appeared in the role of the formidable Moussa Makhmayev in the action movie “Lion's Share”, where his partners on the set were Nikolai Karachentsov, Chulpan Khamatova, Yuri Belyaev, Dmitry Pevtsov.
In 2002, he played the dangerous Colonel Galiyev in a film about the feat of Soviet intelligence officers “The Star” with Igor Petrenko, Alexei Panin,Artem Semakin, in 2003, appeared in the series on the novel by Valentin Pikul “Bayazet” with Alexei Serebryakov, Olga Budina, Viktor Solovyov. The actor called his role of Esaul Vatnin in this TV show one of the few works that he is really proud of.
In 2003, Dyachenko was immediately involved in three films released on the screen - “White Gold”, “Barbarian” and “Stilet”, playing leading roles in them. In 2004, fans could see their favorite artist in four projects, including “Female intuition”, where he first embodied the romantic hero on the screen, and “Icon Hunters”, where he starred with Dmitry Dyuzhev, Andrey Smolyakov and Svetlana Khodchenkova.
Shot from the series "Two Sisters"Shot from the series "Two Sisters"
Demanded was an actor in subsequent years. The Ukrainian melodrama “Two sides of the same Anna”, the Belarusian drama “Rhymes with Love”, the Indian detective “Seven forgiven murders”, domestic works “Marriage by Testament”, “Leshy”, “Two Sisters” brought him wide popularity.
A shot from the TV series "The District"A shot from the TV series "The District"
We should also mention the shooting of the actor in one of the leading roles in the Belarusian military-psychological drama “Hunting for Gauleiter”, released in 2012,participation in 2013 in the star cast (Vladimir Mashkov, Yevgeny Mironov, Peter Mamonov and Chulpan Khamatova) of the TV movie “Ashes”. In 2014, Alexander was engaged in the acclaimed TV series “Major” with Pavel Priluchny, in 2015, he played the head of the family in the mini-series “The family of the maniac Belyaev”.
Alexander Dyachenko in the film "Ash"Alexander Dyachenko in the film "Ash"

Musical creativity

Despite the great employment and success in the cinema, the actor continues to make music.
His musical career began earlier cinematographic. Having settled in Chicago, where the creative atmosphere reigned and continues to reign, major festivals of jazz, blues, hip-hop are held, the musician, brought up on the traditions of the St. Petersburg school of rock, inspired in it.
Alexander Dyachenko's group is called AntigoAlexander Dyachenko's group is called Antigo
He recorded several songs together with famous performers from professional groups. In particular, he collaborated with drummer Mat Walker, who for more than two years performed in the Smashing Pumpkins group, recognized as the benchmark in the world of alternative rock music of those years, with keyboard player Jim Dinhe, and guitarist Scott Tallarida.
The actor wrote the music for Masha Ozerenko’s short film “There was nothing” (2005), where he also played the main role.
He created joint compositions with a rock band from his native St. Petersburg “Splin”, with a group of Nike Borzov, with the Novosibirsk group “Litmus”.
Antigo - Give Me Tomorrow
In 2012, his passion for music and friendship with Boris Lifshits, the drummer of the rock band Bi-2, led to the creation of the project Antigo.
The debut composition of the group was called "Matt World". In 2013, they presented an English single "Give Me Tomorrow" and a video for it, shot in Kiev, as well as the song "Forest" included in Bi-2 album "Odd Warrior 3".
In 2014, "Antigo" pleased its fans with the new work "Live Life" and a video shot in Tallinn. Can not leave anyone indifferent to the composition of the group in 2015 - “Young”, “Angels”, as well as “Mom”, where the last thoughts of a soldier hit by a bullet were voiced.

The personal life of Alexander Dyachenko

The star of the film “Brother-2” carefully protects its privacy from representatives of the media. Once he mentioned in an interview that he was married in the United States, but soon divorced. The affair with Margarita Drobyazko attributed to him, his partner in the show “Ice Age” (2007) was not confirmed.
“Ice Age”: Alexander Dyachenko and Margarita Drobyazko
In 2014, the media reported that the actor announced the 20-year-old daughter of Evelina, a resident of Tel Aviv, a soldier of the Israeli army. However, her mother, Elena, who agreed to undergo a lie detector test in the We Tell and Show NTV program, was not sure of his paternity.
The web often contains information about the wife Dyachenko, but at the moment the actor is not married.
He does not love his birthday since the days of pioneer childhood, when he was formally congratulated on this date at solemn rulers in pioneer camps. He considers it a rather sad event.
Alexander calls his mother “his main tenderness,” and he loves women for perfection, emphasizing that, in his opinion, they are kinder, more sensitive, more mobile and smarter than men. His ideal of a woman is Romy Schneider, who shook him by playing in the movie “Old Gun”.
Personal interview with Alexander Dyachenko
The main goal in his life, he called the desire to take place in the works. He dreams that his films and music not only bring joy in the process of working on them, but also pride in what has been done.
In the evening he likes to swim, take a walk, sometimes smoke a hookah, drink a glass of wine.

Alexander Dyachenko now

The actor could be seen in the first two seasons of the TV series “Major” in the role of oligarch, father of the main character Igor. In November 2016, the project, which received the epithet “phenomenal” among critics, was officially extended for the third season.
In the TV series "Major" Alexander Dyachenko played the father of the protagonistIn the TV series "Major" Alexander Dyachenko played the father of the protagonist
It is known that the actor will appear in the Russian TV series melodrama "Shards", as well as in the Hollywood action movie "Hunter-Killer" with and, the premiere of which is scheduled for the summer of 2017. He played there as much as the Russian president.

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