Airports of Venice: Treviso, Venice. Marco Polo and Venice-Lido

The city of Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Not surprisingly, it is served by two airports - Treviso and Venice named after Marco Polo. The first is focused on servicing low-cost airlines, the second is international, capable of receiving aircraft of all classes. A small airfield Venice-Lido is used for training flights and sightseeing tours.

Treviso Airport (Canova)

Treviso Airport named after Antonio Canova has been operating since 1936. It is located 3 km from the city center of Treviso, and about 25 km from Venice. There is one asphalted runway (runway) 07/25 with a length of 2459 m at the aerodrome. It allows you to receive short-range and medium-haul aircraft.

Treviso-Venice Airport

The object was chosen by low-cost airlines, among which the largest number of flights belongs to Ryanair and Wizzair. In 2017, 3,015,057 passengers were served here.By the way, the annual increase was more than 14%, which demonstrates the high potential of the airport.

Air terminal

The terminal building is two-story. On the ground floor there is a luggage compartment on the one hand, and on the other there is a lounge bar and a tourist area with information desks. It also sells tickets for public transport and car rentals. There are 10 exit gates in the landing terminal. On the second floor there is a departure area with 9 check-in counters, newsstands, a bar and an ATM, as well as airline ticket offices. Duty-free shops and bars operate in the neutral zone.

Venice Marco Polo Airport

Venice Airport (Marco Polo) is the main air gateway to the romantic capital of Europe. It was built in 1960, when mass tourism began to gain momentum. Located on the north coast of the Venetian lagoon, 13 km from the city center.

Venice Airport (Marco Polo)

The airfield has two runways:

  • 04L / 22R length 2780 m, used mainly as a taxiway;
  • 04R / 22L 3300 m long, used for take-off / landing in most cases.

Long-haul heavy liners, including from Canada, the USA, China, and Australia, are landing here.In 2017, the passenger traffic amounted to 10 355 205 people (+7.7%).


The current air terminal of Venice Airport, designed by Jean Paolo Mar, was opened in 2002. The area of ​​the three-story building is about 60,000 m².

Venice-Lido Airport

On the ground floor there is a bar, a kiosk, tourist information points, a lost property office, public transport ticket offices, car rental. Luggage storage is located near the airport, on the north side (to the right of the exit from the terminal). On the second floor there is a departure area with 64 check-in counters, a restaurant, a newsstand, a bar and a bank, as well as airline ticket offices. The third is the Travelex business center.

Numerous parking lots have been built around the airport, including multi-storey car parks for 6,200 parking spaces.

Venice-Lido Airport

Airport Venice-Lido them. Giovanni Nikelli - the third largest in the vicinity of the city. It has been operating as a hydroplane base since 1911, and the ground runway was built here in 1916. Thus, it is the oldest airfield in the Veneto region of the current ones.

Treviso Airport: how to get to Venice

The facility is located on the northeastern tip of the island resort of Lido, just a few kilometers from the center.A small unpaved path 994 m long allows servicing only small aircraft. Aero club operates here, flights for tourists are organized. Helicopter pad is more actively used.

Treviso Airport: how to get to Venice

As it should be in a developed country, even with a secondary airport, excellent and diverse transport links are established. The most convenient (but not cheap) way to get to Venice without delay is to take a taxi. The service is provided by Radio Taxi Treviso and will cost about 200-250 euros (14 640-183 00 rubles), depending on the number of passengers and the distance.

If you have rights, you can rent a car right in the terminal building and drive around the neighborhood on your own. The arrival hall on the ground floor houses the offices of several car rental companies.

There are regular ATVO bus services from the airport to Venice, both to the main railway station of Santa Lucia and to Piazzale Roma. The journey takes about 40-50 minutes. Also there are special connecting flights serving the airlines Ryanair and Wizzair. More flexible schedule and reasonable prices provides the central bus station Treviso.

Also airport them. Canova is connected by bus and taxi to the nearby train stations of Treviso and Venice Mestre. Further, high-speed trains and regional trains can get to any part of the country.

Marco Polo: how to get from the airport to Venice

Marco Polo: how to get from the airport to Venice

As in the case of the Aeroporto di Treviso A. Canova, passengers here can take advantage of a comprehensive range of transport services. At the same time an important addition is the water transport. From the airport complex Marco Polo in the direction of the city through the Venetian lagoon sent the so-called water buses and boats. They arrive at the islands of Lido, Burano and Murano. Stops are made in San Marco, Rialto, Fondamenta Nuove and Le Gugli. Tickets can be purchased:

  • in the arrival hall of the airport of Venice;
  • in special ticket machines;
  • directly on the pier (landing site);
  • on board the ship.

By the way, there is a covered walkway from the terminal building to the pier. It starts to the left of the main entrance. The path will take 7-8 minutes.

There are direct bus routes from various companies to the airport Marco Polo, such as increased comfort (Airport Bus Venezia Express) and regular “harmonica”. The lead operator is ACTV.Buses number 5 and number 35 take different routes to the end point of Piazzale Roma (Piazzale Roma), number 15 and number 25 (Mestre Express), and go to Mestre railway station. The line number 45 leads to the very center of the city.

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