Adrenaline rush: good or harm?

Step into the void. You are standing on the edge of the abyss. Feeling like someone is throwing a handful of lumps of wind in your face. Almost under my feet, before my eyes, everywhere — clouds like a thick wet quilt. You take a step - and the release of adrenaline in the blood causes an incomparable feeling. Your first parachute jump will be remembered forever ...adrenaline rushAnd it doesn’t matter that you jump in tandem with an instructor who will open the dome in time for you. All the same, one must have the courage and overcome his childhood fears of heights before deciding on such. After that very step, a strong stream of air will briefly wrap you in the void: it will seem to you that you are lying on a flat hard surface, this force will turn out to be such a force. And after the parachute opens, it is so nice to soar like a bird, surveying the panorama unfolding below ... The main thing is to gently sink to the ground. Well, an experienced mentor to whom you are wearing is also able to cope with this.

In terms of science

We so often hear the expression “adrenaline rush” that we are used to associating it simply with a state of stress — pleasant and not very much or fright, close to shock, and only that. In fact, in scientific understanding, adrenaline is a hormone produced by our adrenal glands, used (often under a different name "epinephrine") in many areas of to increase adrenalineAdrenaline increases and strengthens the heart rate, is used as a bronchodilator, as an anti-allergy agent, a vasoconstrictor, a drug that slows the blood flow. The effect, if the medicine is intravenous, almost instantaneous. Even an unknowing person is known (mostly from TV shows, movies and TV shows): a direct injection of adrenaline into a stopped heart can make him beat.

Useful or dangerous?

As for the cinema, to the fullest it was popularized by this hormone action movie “Adrenalin” with Jason Statham in the lead role, as well as the sequel to the film.adrenaline hormoneAlthough it was not there about the benefits or harm that is the adrenaline rush. Do extreme sport, actively relax - every schoolboy knows how to increase adrenaline.Such active types of recreation are the parachute jumps already mentioned, and the more dangerous base jumping (when a person jumps from a fixed object: a bridge, a skyscraper, a tower), and rafting on mountainous and rapids. Adrenaline rush can cause, for example, skiing down a mountain road, just flying on an airplane, if you have aerophobia, or if you are face to face with something dangerous (for example, the notorious evil dog).adrenalinHow is this hormone useful? It creates a kind of barrier between man and stress, that is, prepares the body for what is happening. It makes you act quickly, invigorates. However, it must be remembered: the stronger the effect of adrenaline, the longer after it the state of relaxation and inhibition (since norepinephrine is produced after adrenaline).

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