A man with a fishing rod.

A long time ago, when I was still working as an armature welder, I had a partner Vova. We worked on the same welding machine. Sometimes he told some stories from his former life. And he used to live somewhere in the Tyumen North. Whether in Surgut, or else where. And once Vova told me about one of his local acquaintance.
My partner, Genk, was with my partner there, in the North. It was in the early eighties. Genka was a children's home and everyone considered him a little silly. In fact, Genka was not so simple, on the contrary, he was rather cunning. “Silly” became for him a kind of mask, protection from aggressive environment. Our hero had no friends except Vova.
Genk lived poorly, lived in a room in a family dormitory, and all the time he walked around the city with a long fishing rod made of a stick cut right in the forest. Sometimes you ask him:
-Well, how is life?
And he answers.
-Yes, here, I'm going from fishing, I caught minnows. Then he went to the store, tore off a corner of the bag with a bay leaf there, stole one leaf. Come on ear.
It is curious that even after the onset of winter, Genka did not stop walking with a fishing rod. People didn’t really care about him and they didn’t have any questions. Well, this jerk walks with a fishing rod, and oh well. And Vovka asked:
-What are you going with your fishing rod in winter?
-And I have a razvochka attached there at the very tip.
At that time, people did not have huge refrigerators and freezers, as they do now. And someone and in general there were no refrigerators. And in the winter, they hung out bags and shopping bags with meat or dumplings right outside the window.
Avoski outside the window
Hanging on the window pane bag, dumplings in it. It was then that razvochka at the end of the rod and came in handy. And if the bag was hanging low, on the second floor, then with the help of such a simple device it could be cut off. The cropped bag fell into the snow, and the dumplings went to the sly Genk.
And no one of those who later found his dumplings outside the window could even think that he was the victim of malicious intent. Well, the strap has burst, but why is it not clear.

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