5 best exercises for back pain

5 best exercises for back pain

Approximately 80% of the male population of the entire planet suffers from constant back pain. The reason is that both the correct posture that was not formed in childhood and the lack of constant exercise, without which the muscles simply do not have enough strength to support the body. Fortunately, the problem can be solved without medical intervention. Enough will be regular work in the gym.

However, here, too, you need to act with the mind - not all exercises will affect the aching back in a gracious manner. We have collected for you the best five movements that will not only strengthen the muscles, but also help to get rid of the old problem.

5 best exercises for back pain

Tightening wide grip

Without pull-ups will not work. This exercise involves the broadest muscles of the back - this training will allow you to become slimmer, even to those who, since childhood, could not beat a bad posture. The main thing you need to remember: the repetition is done slowly, with control at all stages; the correct grip is slightly wider than the shoulders; rest between sets is no more than forty seconds.

5 best exercises for back pain


The bonus of this exercise can be considered an increased growth of muscle mass. The pulldown forces the whole body to work: the legs stabilize the body, and the widest ones are occupied with a specific load. Do the exercise with full dedication, otherwise it will lose half of its benefits. Capture - shoulder width, downward movement does not involve the body, thrust is carried out by moving the shoulders back and down. Do not forget to make a small pause at the end point.

5 best exercises for back pain


It is very important to do deadlifts correctly. Snatching, wrong foot setting, haste is the easiest way to get a serious back injury. But if you do everything right, then the deadlift will turn into the best exercise for the whole body. Maintain a natural deflection in the lower back. Grip - shoulder width, normal. Pull the body up while pushing the hips forward slightly. The end point is a small pause and a smooth return of the bar to its original position.

5 best exercises for back pain


The static version of deadlift is less traumatic and more focused on the widest back muscles. Starting position: the body is bent almost parallel to the floor. Grip slightly wider than shoulders, straight.Raise the barbell, straining the lateral and middle muscles. After a short pause, return to the starting position, lowering the barbell until the arms are fully extended.

5 best exercises for back pain

Rowing on the simulator

More precisely, some imitation of movement, repeating the classic rowing in a boat. Sit on the bench of the cable simulator, fixing a flat crossbar. The grip is normal, slightly wider than the shoulders. Pull the crossbar to the upper abdomen, straining the broadest. Returning to the starting position, lean forward slightly - so you give your muscles a stimulating stretch.

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