4 effective ways to get rid of "bulldog" cheeks

4 effective ways to get rid of "bulldog" cheeks

The symbol of a woman’s youth is not a face or a neck at all, but cheeks, whose elasticity and freshness are her best passport of life.

Experts say: as long as the cheeks remain round and rosy like a child's, their owner (-nice) will always remain in the eyes of those around them young. But if they begin to move out of the face, or even completely turn into so-called flecks, the surrounding people will immediately throw on another five or five years. To prevent this process, or if it occurs, you can stop it with simple and effective means.

5 main reasons why cheeks sag

Age. Muscle fading is an inevitable process, its results appear on the face by the age of 40.

Heredity can be a factor in the loss of skin elasticity ahead of time.

  • Overweight. The weight of the excess weight affects the entire condition of the skin, which begins to sag under its influence.On the face in the first place "move out" cheeks.
  • Ultraviolet. The scorching rays of the sun are the main enemy of the skin. From prolonged stay under them suffer skin tissue, which leads to the loss of their elasticity.
  • Nicotine. Decreased blood flow to the face is another factor in the sagging of the cheeks. If smoking is accompanied by avitaminosis, then the aging process is accelerated.

Home masks tightened cheeks and adjust the shape of the face

There is a whole range of special procedures that help improve the shape of the face and at the same time solve the problem of drooping cheeks.

Cosmetology procedures to tighten the cheeks:

  • bio-reinforcement or vector facelift;
  • lifting massage;
  • biorevitalization in the form of subcutaneous injections;
  • aqualix.

However, all these tricky manipulations can be partly replaced by homemade homemade masks. Moreover, they not only allow to solve the main problem, such as drooping cheeks, but also helps to tone up the skin of the face and correct its oval.

Egg mask.Beat the egg whites until foaming. Add honey if the skin is dry, or steamed oat-flakes, if it is oily. The resulting mass is applied to the face for 10 minutes.Wash off first with warm and then cool water.

The mask tightens the cheeks and adjusts the oval.

Honey and smetana mask.Take in equal proportions sour cream and honey. Mix and apply on the cheeks. Hold for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

The mask tightens the cheeks and nourishes the skin.

Mask scrub.2 tbsp. l hercules flakes pour boiling water. Let it draw, then add 1 tsp. natural yoghurt, honey and chopped almonds. The resulting mass is applied on the cheeks and massage them in a circular motion. Wash off.

This scrub removes bulldog cheeks and tones the skin.

Diet for sagging cheeks: refuse from salt and sugar

Special face masks, coupled with creams that have a lifting effect, will not be effective unless the diet is adjusted in time. The first should be excluded salt and sugar. They stop the fluid in the body, thereby causing its swelling. The same applies to fatty and sugary foods, which in addition to puffiness threaten with the addition of extra calories. And alcohol and can spoil the condition of the skin.

Products that should be discarded for healthy cheeks:

  • hot spices, salt, sugar;
  • rich broths, fatty meats, lard;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • strong tea, coffee;
  • alcohol.

A large half of the diet should be fruits and vegetables. Cellulose will help to clean the intestines, the state of which is reflected in the complexion.

  • Those who suffer from cheeks plump should be connected to such a diet and fasting days.

Start the morning with a light massage of the cheeks.

Another way to tighten the cheeks is massage. Enough daily to massage this area of ​​the face for 10 minutes to remove the swelling and flabbiness. Beauticians advise you to start your day with a morning impact on the area of ​​the lower part of the cheeks and chin.

How to make herbal massage with a towel for cheeks:

  • moisten a towel for the face in pre-cooked herbal broth;
  • squeeze a towel accordion, bring to the bottom of the face;
  • straighten the towel so that it hits the chin;
  • in the same way, hit the towel on the lower parts of the cheeks.

Instead of herbal broth, you can use the brine.

Another excellent remedy for sagging cheeks is honey massage. To perform it, you need to apply liquid honey on your fingers and, putting them to your cheeks, begin to rub into the skin.When honey is absorbed, you can perform pinching movements, they will enhance blood flow in this area. After the procedure, the honey should be washed off, and a moisturizer should be applied to the face.

Since important muscles — the cheek, chewing, large and small zygomatic muscles and the laughing muscle — are concentrated in the cheek area, this area should be massaged in a specific sequence: stroking (flat, circular, with displacement of the skin), kneading, staggering, vibration.

Cheek exercises instead of a circular face lift

Any plastic surgeon knows: if a daily massage of the cheeks is supported by special exercises, this will help tighten the skin of the cheeks and prevent the appearance of a second chin. In other words, a surgical facelift is not needed if you do gymnastics for the cheeks, which includes face fitness.

Exercises for sagging cheeks

  • Raise the head and turn left so that you feel the tension of the muscles. Then turn right and linger for 2-4 minutes. Repeat five to six times.
  • Make energetic turns neck left and right. Five to ten times.
  • Air in the cheeks to hold for 10 seconds and release it sharply.Repeat, but already roll the air cheeks: up and down, right and left, in a circle.
  • Air in the cheeks and release intermittently through the lips.
  • Put palms on face, so that they cover lips, and fingers are on cheeks. Resisting with your fingers, try to smile, then relax.

Such simple exercises will help prevent sagging of the cheeks and at the same time improve the condition of the lips. Their contour will become clearer, and they themselves will acquire a childhood swelling. What is especially nice: to perform them you do not need a particular place or time. You can do without looking up from the monitor. The main thing is to remember that for the extension of youth is not so much necessary.

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