What is the staff

What is the staff? Vera Melnikova May 20, 2015 The word "staff" has the Latin root persona, which literally translates as "person." Virtually all values ​​represent a specific group of employees of an institution. What is personnel: word meanings The staff is a permanent..

How to put a question mark

How to put a question mark? Anna Kitaychik December 19, 2014 23185 There are several simple ways to put a question mark in the text, using only the keyboard. The simplest of them is to find the button with the question mark depicted on..

Postcard to the eighth of March

Postcard to the eighth of March Many people have been looking for and picking up gifts for women on the Eighth of March for a very long time and also cannot decide on a postcard for a long time. And what if you do..

Why you should not dry your hands in public toilets

Why you should not dry your hands in public toilets 12-02-2018, 12:00 California resident Nicole Ward, working in a laboratory in the city of Carlsbad, shared a truly frightening photo on Facebook. Ward checked for the presence of bacteria one of the closed hand..

How to expand the circle of communication

How to expand the circle of communication 6 665 Communication is one of the most important factors in the formation of a personality and its self-perception. We are all social animals. We are born in society, we grow and develop, we die. Without communication..

Smurfs Village in Spain - Xuscar

Smurfs Village in Spain - Xuscar "All the houses in the mountain villages of this area are painted white, and only in one village - in blue. Try to guess why it happened? What or who caused this?" This is a description of my..

Why do children draw

Why do children draw? Drawing is a favorite child activity. Even a very small child, having grabbed a pen or pencil in his fist, already wants to decorate his mother’s magazine, wallpaper in the room or duvet cover with his painting. Having painted a..

9 tricks of rich people

9 tricks of rich people 18-08-2017, 16:30 Modern financial machine kept on loans. We take loans, expecting to pay them as soon as possible, but the infinitely increasing inflation does not allow us to do this. As a result, we are held hostage to..

What is the temperature of dogs

What is the temperature of the dogs? Catherine Ivanova February 7, 2013 Body temperature is one of the essential indicators of health in all warm-blooded creatures. Everyone knows the norm of the temperature of a healthy person - 36.6. But not everyone knows what..

Review of business lunches at the Beard Bar

Review of business lunches in the bar "Beard" At one time, the “Beard” bar was associated with aggressive advertising by many in the street, and with the beer brand of the same name. But the bar itself did not last half a year, repairs..

What to eat during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy? There is no doubt that during pregnancy a woman should be responsible and reasonably build their diet. Even if earlier the future mother did not particularly delve into nutrition issues, then during pregnancy you should especially watch what you..

On the deck of the battleship 1867

On the deck of an armadillo; 1867 "The death fight with the Lion the Unicorn led the crown" (C) ... 1868 25.06.18 The bow decoration of the British battleship HMS Agincourt, built in 1868: Kingdom of Belgium, 1917. 17.06.18 Transportation of the British ship..

Assange in Russia so far failed

Assange in Russia so far failed A few months ago, I spoke emotionally about the situation that the Ecuadorian authorities were going (and perhaps still are going to) to give out Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Great Britain. I thenwrote that we need to..

70-200 nnada

70-200 nnada? A colleague spotter sells, maybe someone needs it? Canon EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS II USM in the complete set (lens, caps, box, cover, hood, tripod ring, documentation, disk). The lens is in perfect condition, no defects, can not be distinguished..